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Tom C

My main key Fob’s chip inside, where it makes contact to the buttons had got worn out through the years. The chip worked great for me, brought it to a local dealer and they were able to program it with no problems. I have to say FusedAuto key fobs are great and have a better design on the buttons contacts. I have been using the fob for a week now and it works flawlessly and i am so happy about that!!! So go buy yourself one they are great!!!!

Chris S

Exactly what I needed. The buttons on my fob didn't work anymore, pressing them did nothing. Before going to the dealer and dropping a couple of hundred dollars I purchase my remote from FusedAuto and it's exactly what I needed.

Mike H

Fusedauto provides a great remote, at affordable prices. I needed a remote for my 2016 Jaguar, the dealer wanted to charge me 274.00 plus labor for programming. Found a on Fusedauto at half the cost.

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Wholesale Opportunities

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FusedAuto is pleased to serve many used car dealerships, auto parts retailers, mechanics, installers, locksmiths and even our competitors as a source of wholesale key fob and car remote parts. To these customers, we strive to provide not only replacement automotive remote parts, but also a high level of service and programmatic support to help make our customers' businesses as successful as possible.

Business Customer Qualification: 

In order to establish a business as a customer who qualifies for any discounts or other services, Fusedauto requires that the business register with Fusedauto as a business customer and provide certain information. Required information:

          Full business contact information and the form of organization
          Applicable tax identification, sales tax exemption and/or resale certification
          Arrangements with respect to the method/authorization of payments

For more information, please send an email to SUPPORT@FUSEDAUTO.COM