2009 Dodge Ram Keyless Entry Remote Fob Smart Key Programming Instructions 

Use procedure #1 if your Ram has Remote/Key

Use procedure #2 if your Ram has a FOBIK

Procedure #1

 *This procedure CAN ONLY be used on vehicles built in USA.

**You MUST HAVE two working programmed Remote/keys before you can add a third remote/key. 

**If you only have ONE WORKING REMOTE/KEY and want to add a second key this procedure WILL NOT WORK.

1.  Using first programmed remote/key turn ignition to the ON position for 5 seconds. (Do not crank engine). Turn remote/key off and remove.

2.  Within 5 seconds insert second working programmed remote/key.Turn ignition to the ON position (Do not crank engine) security light will begin to flash and chime will be heard within 10 seconds. Turn remote/key off and remove. NOTE: Some vehicles will not chime, only the security light will flash.

3.  Within 5 seconds insert third NEW CUT remote/key and turn ignition to the ON  position (Do not crank engine). The security light should start flashing and within 10 seconds you should hear a chime and the security light should go out. Once the security light goes out, the new remote/key should be programmed. Turn remote/key to the OFF position, remove key.

4.  Test key and remote.